We at TechBinge help businesses and entrepreneurs create identities, build brands, develop effective digital strategies, and increase sales. We don't simply take briefs and turn them into cookie-cutter designs. We listen, analyze, build, and most importantly, produce a one-of-a-kind entity for your company. Everything around us is efficiently absorbed and reconstructed into something significant. TechBinge is not only a live wire of enthusiasm in-house, but also emanates the same when at work, thanks to our team of eccentric and young people. With its visually fun and unusual branding, design, and advertising, the team leaves no stone untouched in creating ripples.

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Want to expand your business?

 We can talk numbers like no one else, despite our eccentric, creative mindset. We’re just as greedy as you are. If you trust the team and cooperate with us, we can scale your business and take it to new heights. Psst! We’re a lively group with a lot of ideas, and we can be incredibly structured (and a tad bit attached to our work). So bear with our tenacious and determined crew, and together we’ll create something great.

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With decades of experience, we are specialists in various disciplines experience designer, graphic design, creative writers, animators, developers, engineers and researchers.


We believe everything we do, eventually should lead to a greater good- and what good it is if it doesn’t make people happy? Happily, we have a mild manner and a great sense of humor.


However, don’t let our cultural comforts fool you, we are extremely focused and know with our creative magic comes the responsibility to make this world a better place, and we try our best, one pixel at a time.

Team members


Meenakshi Yadav

Project coordinator


Sunil Kumar

Full Stack Developer

MD Manaf

Mohammad Manaf

Digital Marketing Executive

Deepak Jaiswal

Deepak Jaiswal

SEO Executive

Techbinge Client

Reetu Joshi

Sales Executive


Alok Kumar



Anurag Yadav

Graphics Designer