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In this world today there is a simple definition of successful business, it is the meeting point of a good product, great service, and excellent consumer awareness. Also, with the digital age, rising customer behavior is strongly phone driven and no matter how large or small you are, you can’t afford to be digitally missing.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the way that no one can deny is the best to attract the attention of a local customer who is mostly there to make a purchase. Or in simple words, you are targeting products to nearby customers who are already looking for a product that your business offer.

How local searches work

To know the answer to this question, it is not important that you are a google search expert. It is quite simple, local listing has many benefits as it shows you the exact product and services you are looking for.

The benefits of local SEO are equal for consumer and business owner

  • Local SEO matches consumers to the seller in the exact needed way.
  • Delivers the best buying experience to consumers.
  • It gives business owners the perfect view of factors that are driving sales online.
  • Local SEO helps business to promote their business exactly when the customer is in need and more likely to get their products at the best offer.
  • Most important point is that it saves time and effort that a customer is more likely to spend in moving from shop to shop in search of his requirement.

Top Google SEO trends

Till now it’s quite clear how important local SEO is. So now let’s see what are top Google trend for SEO is that you need not only to improve your Google ranking but also to better your business sales.

  1. Customer view: Customer reviews are important benchmarks used by local SEO in order to rank your business. For example, if you and your competitor have the same product in your business then for ranking google will use reviews on that basis it will rank the one better than the other. Hence to have a better ranking than others you should have a better customer review, and make sure that you are being loved and highly rated by the customer that chooses you for the product.
  2. Gaining popularity: Business popularity is a side product of customer engagement. A business that has a good position and is being considered by users happily then no doubt it will get a great push in Google SEO ranking.
  3. Better voice search: With voice assistants becoming famous day by day, it is important from an SEO point of view as well. In simple terms, it is much more important to have a long sentence instead of keywords.
  4. Importance of accuracy: It is important that you avoid some undesired mistakes like incorrect location, product info., name, etc… Also, it is important to show the best quality pictures of your product to avoid any kind of ignorance from consumers due to bad images. Google allows users to use the filter on basis of their location, customer review, prices, etc… Make sure that your listing is updated from time to time to get a potential customer.You can take up quora to find out questions that customer of your location is asking to google. Adding on to this it will be great if you create your profile to answer a location-based question related to your business it will create a highly interactive environment with customer engagement.
  5. Long-tail keywords: It is much necessary to have a good keyword selection. You should look out for possible questions that your customer will ask while looking for a product or service that you deliver. You can take up quora to find out questions that customer of your location is asking to google. Adding on to this it will be great if you create your profile to answer location-based questions related to your business it will create a highly interactive environment with customer engagement.
  6. Customer survey: It is better to extend your reach a bit and check the preferences of your customer if they want to go for affordability or brand, color, or style. What they use as a location they can either enter a location or just use “near me” accordingly you can manage your keywords.
  7. Keep eye on the competitor: While you do your progress it’s important what your opponent is doing to get ahead of you. In this way, you can do better to emulate your target customers who are going to them due to their activities.
  8. Don’t ignore fake reviews: You might think that one fake view won’t affect your online reputation but it surely does. Once you get caught it will affect your brand in a very negative way. There’s no doubt that you can lose a high amount of business just to get a couple of fake views. It’s easier than ever for a social media influencer to find a negative review and turn it into a blog with a catchy title like “10 Worst Customer Reviews on the Internet.”The knowledge was quickly circulated among his millions of followers, who then shared it with millions of other internet users. Your online reputation has been irreparably harmed.The solution is straightforward:Report a bogus review as improper right away. You can do this by going to Google Maps and selecting the review option. Use this feature only after you’ve double-checked that the review is genuine.Local company rankings are becoming more intelligent thanks to search engine algorithms. It’s no longer enough to just feed GMB listings and hope that all of your potential customers will show up at your store.Even Friday-night party invitations are no longer popular unless they include tempting sneak peeks into the party’s theme, performing artist, ambiance, and so on.

    As a result, relying solely on Local Business listings to attract potential clients is not a sound business plan. Engagement on social media, digital consumer awareness, business mentions, and online credibility will all play a part.

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